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A minute here, a minute there…

It only takes a minute here and a minute there! Train at every opportunity or turn every moment into a training moment! The pup is five and a half months old. Soon a full year, then two and so on…… Continue Reading →

To pup or not to pup?!

So, you have done your homework! The decisions have been made! The type of dog, the age of dog, the reason to get a dog, the total commitment to a dog has been settled. Or perhaps, at least for the… Continue Reading →

Nutrition.. Yum yum!

There are as many philosophies concerning dog food as there are brands of dog food. It’s a brave person who engages in a conversation of religion, politics or dog food! There are also different feeding styles, to free feed or… Continue Reading →

Before The Pup Came Home!

Before a puppy…the family dog, hunting dog,family hunting dog… comes home there are so many things to consider, so many questions that need answers, so much planning to be done. Perhaps the first two questions that go hand in hand… Continue Reading →


Good food, bad food


Welcome to Common Dogs! Remember, there are no common dogs at! This is a new website that we hope will be an encouragement and a help in all your dog pursuits.

Meet my new puppy!

We were blessed to bring The Pup home on July 12, 2014

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